Sally Goddard, Educator & Co- Founder, Nichola Goddard Foundation

Sally Goddard is an educator specializing in curriculum development. She spent the first ten years of her career in Papua New Guinea, where she taught, met her husband Tim Goddard, and had her first daughter Nichola. Following her time in Papua New Guinea, she has worked in education throughout Canada.
Captain Nichola Goddard was the first Canadian soldier to call in artillery on an enemy since the Korean War and on that same day became the first female soldier killed in combat. Nichola believed that her service would create opportunities for others to build a better life, creating the conditions for education and development to thrive. Since her daughter’s death, Mrs. Goddard has been active in keeping her legacy alive.
In 2010, Sally and Tim Goddard founded the Nichola Goddard Foundation, which supports programs like bringing solar lighting systems to rural health care facilities in Papua New Guinea as well at scholarships at the University of Prince Edward Island and the University of Calgary.
Sally believes that restoring the anthem celebrates the role that all Canadians play in the modern era. It would recognize the heroes, leaders, and teachers who have made Canada what it is today – regardless of their gender.